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What new songs are you singing to God that reflect your current relationship with Him?

My goal in conducting the singings is dynamic.  It's for saints to invite people from the community, it's for younger generations to sing songs with relatable words as they continue to fight the fight when we are gone, it's opportunities to experience the powerful connection with God and each other, while elevating and transforming our song worship to another level.  


Often comments from those who attend or host a workshop, acknowledge how it was an experience they will never forget and transforms and elevates their song worship to God.  Hopefully, that's hitting the mark. 

If we are to truly renew our hearts day by day (nothing stale, lukewarm) it means we are constantly changing and growing in relation.  It's dynamic. 


My relationship with God is not same as it was years ago and the songs I sing reflect that. My experience with God the past few years has been reflected in Goodness of God.   It's been 7 years living in California with fires, smoke, asthma, drought, COVID, spinal issues, death of loved ones,  and each Sunday driving miles with Phil to give lessons to smaller congregations that don't have preachers 


Another year  2024  

My question to you is this: How much will you allow distractions to interfere with the life worship that you want to offer as a living sacrifice this year? 

First let's ask the question: What does your "want to" look like?   If you have the desire, then "What processes or systems are you putting in place to manifest your desire into reality? 

You want to draw closer and connect with God via song worship.  What's your plan to make this happen?  Maybe you want to be a better a worship song leader.  How much will you practice so your leading is edifying and helps build flow? 

You're a parent.  What will you implement in your home that spark your children to enjoy and love singing praises to God?  

It's more than just learning a new song, it's about constantly building a new heart or "renewing heart day by day"

Steps: How Do You Host A Workshop?

  • Please Read all the information on this website to determine interest. 

  • Send TBone an email expressing your interest in hosting a workshop

  • Let's schedule a Zoom call to make sure it's a good fit for your group

  • Reply to the question  survey questions completed

  • Determine the date ( I try to keep it to one workshop per month) 

  • Confirm scheduled weekend. I'll send you a PDF flyer to approve

What are the Costs? 

  • Travel expenses, lodging, car rental, etc to get me there. ( I'd prefer to stay with members, which cuts your cost down, but that's up to each group. If a hotel is best for the current situation, that works also) 

  • This is my personal conviction.  Once you get me there, what the group decides to provide/compensate for the 5 workshop classes I teach that weekend is up to each individual group.  This way no group is left out or behind because they cannot afford a certain rate. 

How many workshops are there?

  • There are 4 total. Learn about them here. Each one highlights and builds upon the previous. You are not obligated to host all four.  Host as many as you desire. 

Singing Workshop Travel Schedule.jpg

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